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From: [identity profile]

I love the banner too, it fits perfectly
And I put yours in my ui, did you see?
I so love how you made the words all shiny!!!
Is this possible with all colours?
Love it!
*hugs and smooches back :)*

From: [identity profile]

How can anyone not love that banner? *sighs contentedly*

Really, you put mine in the userinfo? No, I didn't see it. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeees and huggles you madly* I'm so glad you liked it enough to use it there, sweetie, I'm glad I could contribute to you a little!

It's my fave effect! It's possible with all colors, but not at the same time, sadly. Although. *ponders* It could be hell to make, but it is probably possible to make one of all colors. Love you, hun! *cuddles and smooches you endlessly*


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